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Our Private Home Tutoring service is adaptable, flexible and meets the needs and learning styles of your children. Our approach is personalised to each family. 

Private home tutoring provides the support and guidance needed to allow children to thrive academically. Furthermore confidence and overall wellbeing will significantly improve. Whether your child is a high achiever or someone who finds learning a challenge, introducing a private tutor can have a hugely beneficial impact on your child’s life.

Tutoring Services

Primary Tuition

Early Years, KS1 and KS2 Tuition. Whatever your child’s needs whether they need to catch-up, have special educational needs  or looking to prepare for SATs tests…Find out more about Primary Tuition 

School Entrance Tuition

Delivering Common Entrance Tuition to families based in London. 4+, 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ preparation in the convenience of your own home. Find out more about Common Entrance Exams


Homeschooling in London is becoming increasingly popular. Parents want to take more responsibility for their children’s learning. Find out how we can help you with your home schooling journey.

Group Tuition

Group tuition and courses available for up to 8 children. Whether you are looking for intensive 11+ preparation, Creative writing courses or a Maths booster we can help…Find out more about Group Tuition 

Online Tuition

Online tuition, a growing trend, is an effective solution for children when face to face isn’t possible. Children get the same benefits as face to face tuition from wherever they may be in London, the UK and even the world. Find out more about Online Tuition and Our Online Services

Tutor Application

If you have experience working with children, have a passion for education and want flexible working flexible hours than apply to become a tutor and join the Learn Happy Community…Apply to become a Tutor




“We sought a tutor through Learn Happy London for our son to help prepare him for his 7+ entrance exams. Gaby is caring, organised and invested. She  showed great committment and was devoted to my son’s education.” – Parent in Bayswater